The Results Are IN!

Thanks so much to all the artists that entered into this competition.
It was very fun to go through every one of your entries and see all the different iterations of Neon-chan.

Novice Tier Entries: 6
Intermediate Tier Entries: 20
Advanced Tier Entries: 8


6TH PLACE By: Affinity Mage

unknownhgfdgdgh - Affinity Mage.jpg

Creative: 1 Line Work: 1 - Coloring/Detail: 1 
Total: 3

My favorite piece in this entire art competition.

The amount of time and effort that was put into this, make this a magnificent piece of work in it's own right.

Also the only submission to check the
"I'm only here for them sweet prizes baby"

5TH PLACE By: Guy Cari

kuudere-neon-chan - Guytano Carillo.jpg

Creative: 6 Line Work: 3 - Coloring/Detail: 3
Total: 12

Kuudere with a sweet hoodie! 
Thank for your submission Guy Cari.

4TH PLACE By: Irine Florou

inbound2380841536138222855 - Irine Piano.jpg

Creative: 5 Line Work: 4 - Coloring/Detail: 4 
Total: 13

Angry by Irine Florou.
Nice job capturing her angry nature!


3RD PLACE By: Kasseir

Creative: 4 Line Work: 5 - Coloring/Detail: 5
Total: 14

Entry by Kasseir!

Has potential for growth and improvement.
Would suggest focusing on the eyes.

Nice work!

( Please DM via IG, as I mistakenly did not collect contact emails )

element - Brady Lembi.jpg

2ND PLACE By: hamakaze

Creative: 8 Line Work: 5 - Coloring/Detail: 5
Total: 18

Neon-chan has been placed on frontline duty.
Poor thing, hopefully she doesn't freeze to death.

Excellent creativity by hamakaze!


hamakaze neon element_s submissions - IE Lewis.jpg

1ST PLACE By: Jacqui Olmos

Creative: 7 Line Work: 8 - Coloring/Detail: 7
Total: 22

Amazing piece by Jacqui Olmos!

Nice clean lines, and great colors and detailing.

Thank you for making a great Ara Ara!

Neon_Chart_Art_ - Christopher Villalobos.jpg


12TH PLACE By: Anime Emblems

BB92BBD6-B1E0-451A-AEFF-004633F12442 - H0ll0w360.jpg

Creative: 5 Line Work: 4 - Coloring/Detail: 4
Total: 13

Created using Forza's Vinyl Creator, it's definitely a unique entry!
Good job making this Anime Emblems.

11TH PLACE By: echofantsy

Spartan_Kuudere_Complete_FINAL_echofantsy - Just An Average Gamer.jpg

Creative: 6 Line Work: 4 - Coloring/Detail: 4
Total: 14

Being a Halo fan, I think this is pretty sweet haha.

The cat ears on top the helmet completes it.

Would have loved to see Neon-chans complete with the suit rather than to the side.

Nice entry echofantsy!

10TH PLACE By: MoonsTW

competitionpeice - Moons TW.jpg

Creative: 6 Line Work: 6 - Coloring/Detail: 4
Total: 16

Nice setting and expressive nature in this one.
It's as if she's standing on a roof top after committing some sort of shenanigan haha

10TH PLACE By: Pinkjellyd

7525D437-BC86-4E70-9601-86C5F3D364D0 - Kanon Gomez.jpg

Creative: 6 Line Work: 5 - Coloring/Detail: 5
Total: 16

Really like the dress!

A welcomed addition to the appearance of Neon-chan.

Good submission!

10TH PLACE By: The Sakura Dreams

72A58497-BACC-4298-8281-608C6C7047CA - Angelica Layones.jpg

Creative: 5 Line Work: 6 - Coloring/Detail: 6
Total: 16

A capture of Neon-chan's original essence,
created in The Sakura Dreams art style.

Well done!

9TH PLACE By: Kozii

neonchanRENDER(pink) - koziikitsune.jpg

Creative: 6 Line Work: 6 - Coloring/Detail: 6
Total: 18

Ara Ara, what have we here?

Great submission by Kozii!



Neon-Chan Complete - Daniel Guerra.jpg

Creative: 6 Line Work: 6 - Coloring/Detail: 7
Total: 19

Really nice detail in colors and shadows.

Pose doesn't strike me much of Kuudere though.

Still, great entry!


8TH PLACE By: Lupe

neon_fullcolor - Guadalupe Bogarin.jpg

Creative: 8 Line Work: 5 - Coloring/Detail: 6
Total: 19

A fantastic entry by Lupe!

I really dig the 8-bit style of art.

Also great change of style/clothing.

8TH PLACE By: gldngrl

neon_elements_submission - Brenda Escobar.jpg

Creative: 8 Line Work: 5 - Coloring/Detail: 6
Total: 19

Very enjoyable touch of creative ideas in her surroundings.

Really pleasing to see!

7TH PLACE By: Jacquelyn_arts

Untitled302_20211016234735 - Jacquelyn Edler.jpg

Creative: 7 Line Work: 6 - Coloring/Detail: 7
Total: 20

Really really enjoy the use of transparency here to show the effect of the digital monitors.

Well done Jaquelyn!

7TH PLACE By: Kakesu

Neon Chan Completed - Jordan Workman.jpg

Creative: 6 Line Work: 7 - Coloring/Detail: 7
Total: 20

I must say, I love the punchy blue gradient! 

Excellent submission from Kakesu.

6TH PLACE By: Zeon

4923FBC4-5796-4EA3-AE35-0E1024B05F37 - Una You.jpg

Creative: 8 Line Work: 6 - Coloring/Detail: 7
Total: 21

Neon-chan's very first battle suit rendition!?
I say, hell yeah.

Really sick design, Zeon!

6TH PLACE By: Rodrigo Garcia

neonelements_contest_final - Rodrigo Garcia.jpg

Creative: 8 Line Work: 7 - Coloring/Detail: 6
Total: 21

Fun in the sun, with an interesting take on Ara Ara!

Love the change of skin color,
going with a tanned glow suits this piece nicely.


5TH PLACE By: Moist 404

McLaren P1 - William Doble.jpg

Creative: 7 Line Work: 7 - Coloring/Detail: 7
Total: 22

There's no doubt that Moist 404 put a little more effort into the McLaren more than Neon-chan haha.

Nonetheless, I really enjoy this piece.

Specially with the addition of Nikes for Neon-chan.

5TH PLACE By: Joobiebean

IMG_2193 - Julie Nguyen.jpg

Creative: 9 Line Work: 7 - Coloring/Detail: 6
Total: 22

Super creative how Neon-chan is put into an app.

Good work Joobiebean!

5TH PLACE By: Dazzle Crew

NeonFinal - Dazzle Crew.jpg

Creative: 8 Line Work: 7 - Coloring/Detail: 7
Total: 22

Can't handle the amount of expressiveness this one gives!

Really love seeing Neon-chan in this style of kawaii art.

Great work, Dazzle Crew!

4TH PLACE By: Eats_Fruit

Neon-Chan eats_fruit (full color) - Alexandra Alvarado.jpg

Creative: 7 Line Work: 8 - Coloring/Detail: 8
Total: 23

I'm not entirely sure what's goin' on here, but I like it!
Very clean lines. Would have loved to see more of Neon-chan's expression!

Though I really am enjoying the Octopus, not gonna lie.



3RD PLACE By: Beepbalapop

20211010改 - Beepy Sup.jpg

Creative: 6 Line Work: 9 - Coloring/Detail: 9
Total: 24

Very clean entry by Beepbalapop!

( Please DM me, as I mistakenly did not collect contact emails )


2ND PLACE By: Domz_in_ink

Neon Elements - Skull Boy.jpg

Creative: 8 Line Work: 9 - Coloring/Detail: 8
Total: 25

Beautiful Piece by Domz_in_ink.
Love the usage of cherry blossom pattern in this design.
Also enjoy the attrie she's wearing.

Neon-chan doll is kinda sus lookin, but I like the added touch haha.

Overall great piece!



1ST PLACE By: RedcXca

Neon Elements - Max ZY Lu.jpg

Creative: 9 Line Work: 9 - Coloring/Detail: 8
Total: 25

Absolutely stunning piece by RedcXca.

I love the implementation of the falling vinyl decal cards.
As well as the black outfit.

Very well done!


6TH PLACE By: Mokssori

KUUDERE NEON - Mokssori Art.jpg

Creative: 7 Line Work: 8 - Coloring/Detail: 8
Total: 23

Interesting art style.

Although it's not my preferred style of art, I can't deny it does invoke a certain feeling from it, especially with Kuudere.

I can definitely feel a sense of admiration in this work.

5TH PLACE By: SenpaiLove

Neon-Chan - David Love II.jpg

Creative: 7 Line Work: 9 - Coloring/Detail: 8
Total: 24

Really good piece by SenpaiLove.

Very clean lines and coloring.

Enjoyed seeing Neon-chan in your style!

4TH PLACE By: Meowficient

20211020 - Ah Meow.jpg

Creative: 8 Line Work: 9 - Coloring/Detail: 9
Total: 26

My initial impression upon viewing this left me in awe.

This is such a great style of art!

The position, as well of the linework and coloring make this truly great.

Unfortunately the facial expression isn't matching too well of that of Kawaii mode, which kind of gives me mixed feelings on her in this piece.

Other than that, I really love this piece.

I can definitely imagine this being VOL 1 of a Neon-chan Manga front cover haha.

Great work Meownificient!

4TH PLACE By: kawaii.ation

202110111 - Kaman Chan.jpg

Creative: 9 Line Work: 9 - Coloring/Detail: 8
Total: 26

This another one of my absolute favorites. 

Kawaii.ation does an incredible job illustrating the individual expressions of each modes of Neon-chan, altogether in this cohesive drawing.

It's super cute, and I'm in love with it.

Thank you, Kawaii.ation, for creating such a wonderful piece.

4TH PLACE By: Nikkie Viore

Neon Kuudere - Nikkie Viore.jpg

Creative: 7 Line Work: 10 - Coloring/Detail: 10
Total: 27

While I look closely into it, I admire the excellent detail in textures, shadows, and highlights. Notably in her skin, hair, and sun light.

Very impressive detail skills!

Was a very close decision, would have loved to see a little extra creative touch being added to refresh on
Neon-chan's appearance along side your detailing.

Nonetheless, amazing work Nikkie!


3RD PLACE By: BabyAggieTea

neon - Gigie Tea.jpg

Creative: 8 Line Work: 10 - Coloring/Detail: 10
Total: 28

Such a lovely sight!

Really enjoy the added background theme and color matching,
But the real beauty is in Neon Chan.

This piece is all around gorgeous, with great attention to detail and color usage.

Nice touch adding the weeb card as well.

Great work BabyAggieTea!


2ND PLACE By: Sjao

sjao  - Elli.jpg

Creative: 9 Line Work: 10 - Coloring/Detail: 10
Total: 29

Neon-chan is on standby awaiting commands, while keeping herself surrounded by cats. A perfect visual.

A gentle gaze, while appearing as comfortable as can be.

This scene portrayed by Sjao gives me emotions I've never felt with any ideas of Neon-chan.

Everything about it brings out the sense of admiration, not only at Neon-chan herself, but the artist's ability to bring out so many different emotions and thoughts from a single drawing.

Well done Sjao!


1ST PLACE By: azw_09

NEON-CHAN by azw_09 - Azw09 Azw09.jpg

Creative: 10 Line Work: 10 - Coloring/Detail: 10
Total: 30

An absolutely amazing piece by azw_09.

Neon-chan's essence is wonderfully captured while delivering a different look & feel.

The detail and change of clothing / accessories also gives a refreshing setting change of Neon-chan's program.

The level of details in her eyes makes her enchanted aura even greater. 

All of this realized perfectly with the expressive creativity and skill from azw_09.