How to Apply Vinyl

Step 1

Clean off the surface of where you will place your vinyl. Be sure to clean it well to allow for best adhesion of the vinyl.

Step 2

Slowly peel off the top transfer paper layer, making sure vinyl comes off the backing paper with it. If some of the vinyl does not come up with the transfer paper, lay the transfer paper back down and go over the top of the vinyl decal with the included plastic squeege with firm pressure and try again.

Step 4

Once you’ve got the entire vinyl decal placed, go over it with the plastic squeegee with very firm pressure. The purpose of this is to push out any air bubbles that may be left under the vinyl, as well as push the adhesion onto the surface.

Step 5

Grab one end of the transfer film and very SLOWLY peel off the transfer paper. You want to look and make sure none of the vinyl is coming up with the transfer paper. If it does, lay the transfer paper back down and repeat Step 4. Keep repeating until you fully remove the transfer film.

Step 3

Align the vinyl decal where you would like to place it. Start by applying the vinyl decal on one end, and using the plastic squeege, work your way towards the other end, using firm pressure. Doing it this way will reduce the amount of air bubbles that get trapped underneath the vinyl, resulting in a very smooth and clean look to your vinyl decal.